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“The Amazing Story Of How a Crazy
Oklahoma Kid Obsessed With
Sales And Marketing Discovered A  
12-Step Formula That Makes People
Do Whatever You Want Them To --
Including Buying Your Product, Service,
Idea, Concept or Even Funding Your Dream”

Marlon here. 

I want to share with you the story of how I discovered the 12-step formula for crafting sales letters that get responded to.

If you have something to sell – a product, an idea, a concept, a service – then my little formula may be the tool that finally lets you reach out to those people who need or want what you got and reel ‘em into your fold.

This letter will explain how I discovered a FORMULA, a specific sequence of words and ideas, that has proven over and over and over again to actually get people to buy, call, respond, fill out forms – or whatever else it is you want ‘em to do.

It’s the closest thing to a magic genie in a bottle that can make your dreams come true that you’ll likely ever find.

As proof of that, I might point out that if you’ve bought just about anything on how to write sales letters, you’ve read at least a watered down version of my formula. It’s one of the most emulated, knocked-off, plagiarized and copied formulas in all of Internet marketing.

But I’m not complaining. As you read my story, you’ll see why.

“The Lady Behind The Desk With The Glasses Halfway Down Her Nose Said ‘It’s a Shame You Didn’t Get A Degree In Accountin’. We Got Lots Of Jobs For That Degree.’”

Today I don’t wear a watch, ‘cause I don’t need to know what time it is. I don’t usually have a cell phone on me because I don’t gotta take calls unless I’m in the mood.

And most importantly, I wake up when I want, go to bed when I want and don’t work on any particu­lar day unless I care to.

So life is good.
But it wasn’t always like that. To show you how I came up with this formula, I gotta tell you a story.

See, I graduated with my master’s degree in psychology back in 1982 when the oil market had crashed, wreaking total havoc on the economy in my home state – Oklahoma. If you’re in the UK, Australia, Japan or any one of about 72 other countries I have customers in, Oklahoma may not ring a bell to you.

But in the U.S. people know it as a state built around agriculture (mainly wheat) and oil.

So when the oil market crashed, there weren’t many jobs to be had. So when I went to career place­ment and announced that I had a 3.8 cumulative grade point average and I was there to interview for jobs, the lady behind the desk with the glasses hangin’ off the end of her nose literally said, “It’s a shame you didn’t get a job in accountin’. We got lots of companies coming here for that. Tell you what. There’s some books out in the lobby. Why don’t you go look through those.”

And that was career placement! It was maybe the worst or most shocking day of my life. There were NO jobs! And no job help.

Well, I decided to go to plan B. Ever since I was a kid, I had this bizarre fascination with marketing and selling. I can’t explain why. But had it I did.

I ended up in Dallas, Texas scavenging the scraps of any freelance direct response writing job I could get my hands on. And at night… well that was another story…

At night I applied my skills at telemarketing, timeshare selling – anything I could to make ends meet. Back then the big joke was, “I’m in sales. Sellin’ my house, my car and anything I got trying to make a living in sales.”

Once, I logged 30,000 miles on my beat-up car trying like the devil to sell insurance. Instead, I only sold ONE homeowners policy on a house ‘bout to burn down!

Thus, it may come as a shock to you that I was the one who somehow stumbled across this amazing formula for writing sales letters that has become almost legendary, although largely not attributed to yours truly as the one and only originator.

I don’t have a natural aptitude for sales and marketing. I wish I did. Sometimes I’m envious of those golden tongue sales people who do. The words roll off their lips like golden eggs from a goose.

In contrast, I’ve been fired twice from 100% commission sales jobs – which is a hard thing to get fired from. The only thing I had going for me was a veritable obsession with learning the secrets of people who could jot words on paper (or the Internet in today’s time) and bring in millions of dollars.

You gotta understand, when I began this quest I was eating 50-cent burritos and minute-30-second microwave corn dogs. My car smoked like a gigantic Cuban cigar lit with a torch.

It wasn’t a pretty scene.

And yet, I spent every last dime I could scrape up on books, courses, materials – searching for that illusive FORMULA that would be the equivalent of the goose that lays the golden egg – for selling via writing.
I’ll cut this story short. And tell you that I DID finally create such a formula. Oh, it wasn’t overnight. It was bits and pieces here and there.

I had a retail store and sent out direct mail. I mucked around with mail-order ads. I wrote freelance. I experimented every way I could. Until finally, almost magically, all the pieces fell in place.


I had the formula. Knew I had the formula. Knew how to use the formula. And once I did, things changed and changed FAST.

Soon, I was getting paid $7,500, $10,000+ to write sales letters. And then, I got invited to do semi­nars all over the U.S. and teach my formula as it related to creating sales letters for the Internet and online marketing.

One of my friends was named Jonathan Mizel, who was author of the only or one of the only print newsletters about online marketing and, as it developed, specifically Internet marketing. Declan Dunn was also part of my group. Declan had a massive web site that got record traffic.

And together we did over 120+ seminars around the U.S. (and even other countries) on Internet mar­keting.

For example, here’s a picture of Jonathan and I on the beach in Roatan, where our cruise ship docked nearby. Jonathan and I were speaking on Internet marketing on the cruise.
On the next page you’ll see a pic of me on the big stage in Wembley arena, London, where rock stars perform.

One thing I want to do is give credit where credit is due. I was NOT the first person to get the idea of codifying a sales letter into a true step-by-step formula. That distinction would go to Bob Serling.

You have to understand that before this, the formula for writing a sales letter was pitiful.
For example – attention, interest, desire, action.

How do you suppose to write a letter from THAT? It’s a terrible formula. How do you get attention? How do you snag interest? How do you create desire?

Or here’s another: Problem, agitate, solve.

OK, that’s a good formula. But it’s a long way from being able to write a sales letter.

What happened is that Bob had this 16-step formula. But it was very different from what I was using in writing my copy. My formula had different steps and was only 12-steps long.

So I codified the formula and started selling it on the this very web site.

I also published the formula in a chapter of my famed product The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy at

I’ve had a lot of people at seminars come up to me and tell me amazing stories. Like the FORMULA paid for their house. Or one guy made a million dollars. One guy (from UK as I recall) told me he used it to pay for his $650,000 house.

I never collected most of those testimonials because I didn’t want to make people think those results were typical. The Formula works. No doubt. But it isn’t gonna make everyone rich. I wish. But that isn’t realistic.

The ONLY problem I saw was that some people wanted "training wheels".

That’s when I came up with the idea for my Push Button Letters software. Little did I know I would start a virtual industry built around people who would design competitive versions, even though most of them had NEVER worked as a professional copywriter and most had never even been paid ANY sum of money by a client to write for them.

But like I said at the beginning of the letter. I’m not complaining because I’m an advocate of anything that helps people write letters that get results and get responded to.

, In my NEW Ultimate Sales Letter Formula, I not only incorporate the latest psychological research, I go into secrets that simply aren't taught in OTHER courses.

On top of that, it's step one, step two, step three simple.


"It’s direct marketing on the Internet"

I’ll tell you what, Marlon got this stuff more than anybody because of his direct marketing knowledge.

A lot of people say, “the Internet’s different!”

We were hearing that back then.

You can’t do what you do offline, online.” Yeah, there’s differences, but sales process, ad copy, offers, guarantees, headlines, all of the stuff that you teach is the stuff that you use and the stuff that we all use... every single one of us.

- Jonathan Mizel


“If you really want to have a killer sales letter, take your competitor’s USP and turn it into a free bonus.”

I had been trying to make money online for 4 years. I had a ton of traffic. But my sales presentation absolutely sucked.

So I put up that one page sales letter mini-site, and overnight, literally overnight, my sales went up XYZ%.

(Specific percentage withheld due to the new FTC regulations.) ...the sales letters that I have made using the formula... as far as conversion rates, are always coming back up to the top.

Marlon took 30 minutes with me ... and he gave me an idea that has stuck with me and has been worth at least a million dollars for me. I’m going to share it with me right now.

Marlon told me, “If you really want to have a killer sales letter, take your competitor’s USP and turn it into a free bonus.”

That right there... really did set me on a whole different path.

- Jim Edwards


"...It Gives People a System!" .

..I sat there in amazement and looked at that sales letter, because I’d never seen a long-form sales letter like that online.

It completely opened my eyes to the new way of doing direct marketing on the Internet. And all of a sudden, things started getting a lot better, a lot quicker.

- Jeff Walker



Why I Created My Ultimate
Sales Letter Formula And How It'll Help YOU Sell More Products!

I boiled my formula down to a simple step-by-step system for creating killer sales copy that about anyone who can string words together halfway decently can use.

I taught thousands of people my formula for writing sales copy, and received worldwide acclaime for helping folks.

The best part is, you can use it for TELESEMINARS, WEBINARS, sales letters and even messages on Facebook fan pages!

As close to fill in the blanks
as you can get without
my Push Button Letters software!

I developed this course to share the formula I used in Push Button Letters software that has made it a perennial best seller. It's the same basic Formula updated with some of the latest, cutting edge research and insights that literally NO ONE else is revealing.

If you want to UNDERSTAND the method behind the madness, then this is the info you need and need now. If you want to finally get results, this is what you need.
Here's What You'll Discover In The Ultimate Sales Letter Formula:
  • The Fill-in-the-blank templates that make whipping out mouth watering bullets child's play. With these templates, you'll know exactly what to say in your bullet points.

  • Helpful tips and examples are provided with every step so you're never stuck wondering what to write. Like virtual guidelines, they keep you flowing through the software all the way to the end.

  • Includes the exact POWERFUL sales letter formula that my friends and I have used to collectively sell millions of dollars in products online.

  • Every part of the sales letter formula is broken down into specific sections that you complete one at a time, which means you'll never end up making costly mistakes by skipping crucial steps.

  • MIncludes an integration of the LATEST psychology behind the adoption of new ideas. This cutting edge scoop will make you feel bullet proof and ten feet tall.

    This means you can use a scientifically validated formula to base your sales messages on.

  • How to write the 3 kinds of headlines that are just almost idiot proof. These super potent pullers will let you find the perfect headline for your sales letter or opening statement for your webinar.

  • Includes an amazing arsenal of simple tricks and tactics that even pros use in THEIR letters.

  • The 7 laws of value creation that are the absolute bedrock of your selling presentation.

  • The Money Mindset shift that reveals why you don't have money problems. You ONLY have idea problems.

  • Why the concept of USP is OUTDATED and what has replaced it that is 1oX more potent ...

  • The Push Button Letters Software integrates with 95% of all online payment processors in just one click of your mouse!

  • Why selling is NEVER a problem when you understand how to offer dollars for dimes.

  • Never-before revealed web page tips and strategies to turn your sales letter into an order taking machine.

  • And more... (what you've just read is only the tip of the iceberg!)

Who Can Benefit From Using
The Ultilmate Sales Letter Formula?

If you sell products or services online, you can use the software to create your own highly targeted, potent killer sales letter.

The one thing that makes the formula absolutely unique is that you can use it to create a sales letter or message for ANY product, service or business.

That means virtually EVERYONE reading this page right now can benefit from the software.

For example:

  • If you've read the KSL chapter in the "Amazing Formula" and you want to whip out a sales letter in a flash, you can use the formula.

  • If you're doing the "Gimme My Money Now" system, you can use the Formula to whip out your 1 or 2 page website!

  • If you've bought the "Marketing Dashboard" and you're ready to sell your product, you can use the Formula to create a powerful, proven, targeted sales letter.

  • If you've read the "Associate Handbook", you can use the Formula to create sales letters that promote your affiliate products.

  • If you've been through the "Action Grid System" you can use the Formula to sell your brand new info-product or big ticket package!

And of course, if you're into selling MLM or Real Estate then you can use the software to create lead generation pages.

People from all over the world are using the Ultimate Sales Letter Formula to knock out killer sales letters in a flash!

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Test Drive "The Ultimate Sales Letter Formula " Today!

First, it is an actual Formula you use, not just sample letters that you revise.

Second, it takes you by the hand and walks you through my psychological formula step-by-step with amazing insight.

In addition, you'll find helpful tips and examples with each step, so you're never stuck wondering what to write.

Third, it is 100% customized to the exact needs of YOUR business. You aren't trying to fit a square peg into a round hole intended for another business.

Fourth, when you get the Ultimate Sales Letter Formula, it's yours to use forever..

You pay NO ongoing monthly fees to continue using it. Write 1 or 100 sales letters. There are NO limits!

Nothing could be easier

When you get your PDF, the first thing you'll do is print it out.

The next thing you'll do is grab your laptop or a pen and paper. As you read through it all you do is punch in your notes, musings and thoughts into your laptop or on your pad.

Your sales messsage, letter, webinar or teleseminar practically writes itself as you follow the simple, easy-to-understand steps.

Please Note: We do NOT offer free critiques or support. We charge $1,000 per hour to critique and tweak sales letters. Although we'd like to, we simply don't have the available time to look at your letter and evaluate it. I want you to know that right upfront.

The objective of the Ultimate Sales Letter Formula is to create a letter that has all the crucial elements of my formula. Of course, there is no substitute for the human brain and common sense. You are the one who will need to make your letter flow smoothly. You still have to THINK to obtain a great result.

What the Formula does is FORCE you to follow a psychological sequence that has proven extremely effective in our own sales letters.

You can theoretically do the same thing without the Formula, but what are the chances?

But what I've found is that even though it's simple and logical, most people still don't do it. They need something like this that literally walks them through the formula step-by-step.

I'm really jazzed about it. I think, hope and believe it's going to greatly empower you to come up with your own sales letters that truly rock.

The Profit You Make From Your Letter Depends On
These Things In Order:

Success Factor One: Your web traffic -- Is it high or low quality? The better the quality of your traffic, the higher your conversion rate of hits to sales.

If you need help getting traffic to your website, see our product The Amazing Formula.

Success Factor Two: Your offer -- what is your product, price, terms, guarantee, and so forth?

My formula forces you to include the basic elements of a powerful offer. But you can't sell a dead duck. No letter in the world can sell a product that your target market doesn't want to buy.

Success Factor Three: Your copy -- This is third in importance. My Formula walks you step-by-step through the formula it took me 25 years to learn.

It's very powerful.

Finally, with the help of this Formula, I'm totally convinced you're going to whip out sizzling letters that follow all the steps of the formula.

There Are No Ongoing Fees.
Create as Many Letters As YOU Want!

You get unlimited access to this Formula when you own it. So you can make as many sales letters for your personal business as you want, anytime you want. Print it out, save it on your laptop and it's yours to use and profit from forever.

Here is the price and
what you receive

Back when I wrote for clients, I charged $5,000 to $15,000 to do a sales letter. Now, for a fraction of that, you can whip out your own sales letter using the same psychology I employed on behalf of my clients.

That's why I've decided to make the price $100.00 for individiual business use. That's affordable for most anyone. Yet enough to make people respect the technology.

This product is DIGITALLY delivered to you.

Why this product won't
actually cost you a dime

You get my complete system, the complete Ultimate Sales Letter Formula for only $100.00.

The question is, is it worth 100 bucks to own a system for crafting ad copy that really sells your stuff?

You can easily waste 5 or 10 times that much money buying courses and products about ad copy that spout off a bunch of stuff that never really helps you.

You can easily waste that much money just trying out one or two sales letters that don't work.

You can easily lose out on 10, 20 or 30 times that much money by screwing around with marketing methods that simply don't work.

But most importantly, you can recoup your 100 bucks three ways:

1.  All you need to do is sell two to four $100 products or services using my system to get your money back.  If you don't do that, I'll be shocked.

The heart and soul of your Internet business is your ad copy. It IS what drives sales. It's the engine. If you aren't willing to spend $100 for that, then you really don't understand what makes people buy. In which case, you really DO need the software!

2. You can sell two copies through my associate program and get your money back, because I pay out a 55% commission. I'm not saying you'll get rich by reselling my product.  But I do send out thousands of dollars in commissions each month.  And if you just sell a couple, the product pays for itself.

Don't you think you know at least a couple people who will buy the software after you show them the super cool sales letter you whipped up using it?

3. You can ask for a refund, which is something I hope you don't do because then your password will be disabled and you won't be able to use this remarkable system in the future.

FREE $500 "Monster Marketing Course"
If My Ultimate
Sales Letter Formula
Doesn't Pay For Itself

In a Flash!

In fact, I'm so confident you'll whip out drop dead sales letters with my Formula that I make an astounding, balls-to-the-walls 90 day guarantee.

Use the Formula. Create a sales letter or messsage as instructed. Really go for it. Don't just go through the motions. Give it your best shot and energy.

Then post the sales letter on a web page like the one you're reading now. No ads. No banners. No crap or junk. Just your sales letter and an order link.

Then drive traffic to your site or email your customer list and give them a link to your new sales letter.

If you don't at least make back TRIPLE the cost of the software, i.e. $300 in sales of your product or service, then tell you what I'm going to do.

For a limited time only (and I could withdraw this any day now. I haven't decided how long to offer this promotion), give me the URL of the web site where your sales letter is posted and send me your web stats that prove you got visitors. A screen capture of your stats, email from your stats program or a login to your stats site will do.


It's my Mercedes. It's a beauty.

I would never, ever offer to do this if I wasn't really, really confident that I have a powerful, innovative software product. That is how totally confident I am that this software is going to rock your world (and your sales.) Of course, I hope and pray you're honest and give the Formula and sales letter a fair chance to work on your behalf.

In addition, naturally, I also offer a standard, run-of-the-mill, 100% moneyback guarantee for 90 days. If you aren't happy with the Formula anytime in the 90 days, I'll give you your money back.


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Bonus One : "Typing Text" Script

How To Grab Your Visitors Attention and Get Them to Read The Most Important Part Of Your Web Page... Using Nothing More Than a Couple Lines of Code!

This is the same script you see at the top of this page that grabs your visitors attention by "typing out a message in real time" across the screen.

Here's an example showing you the script:


Bonus Two: "Creating Custom Fly-In Ads"

Discover how to create your own custom designed fly-in ad and add it to your sales letter -- quickly, easily and FREE!

This PDF shows you step-by-step exactly what to do and how to do it!

Use your fly-in ad to display a special bonus offer... or add an opt-in box to grow your list.


Bonus Three : "Limited Time Offer" Script

"Make More Sales And Boost Your Profits By Getting Customers to Take Your Next 'Limited Time Offer' Seriously!"

This is the EXACT script that displays the deadline date and time on this page. You get the script PLUS full step-by-step instructions on how to add this order grabbing script to your page!

NO complicated or messy mySQL installations needed. Just paste a few lines of code into your page and you're all set!


Bonus Four: "Internet Lifestyle Club" Newsletter!

You're going to receive two issues of "Marlon's Internet Lifestyle Club" newsletter. Both issues are jam packed with marketing tips, tricks and secrets that you can start to use immediately.


Bonus Five : "Facebook Secrets "

The next 20 people to respond to this offer will receive a FREE UPGRADE to the Facebook Secrets videos . ($30 value)

The Facebook Secrets videos give you access to powerful secrets and point 'n click strategies including fan pages , opt in forms , Facebook groups and much more...


Bonus Six: "15 Min. Sales Letter Consultation"

The next 20 people to respond will receive a 15 minute "sales letter" design consultation.

This is your chance to ask questions or get help with designing a top notch page!


Bonus Seven : "3 Part Video Series"

You'll receive our 3 part video series entitled "How to Start Taking Orders For Your Product In 10 Minutes or Less!"

Even if you've already set up your online ordering, I guarantee you'll pick up at least one or two valuable tips by watching these videos.


Bonus Eight : Special Report Reveals...

"How to Take Incoming Customer Sales Calls Directly From Your Web Site -- For Pennies a Day!"

As soon as your killer sales letter starts making sales, you're ready to start interacting with your customers. By email or phone, or both, there will be customers who want to talk to you.

At $0.10 a minute for every call to my toll free number, those bills can really add up. So I'm going to show you exactly how you can bypass the big phone bills and still accept incoming sales calls from your customers, directly from your web site.




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